Logos and Graphics

Brainstorming Sessions for Logos

Brainstroming sessions will cover all of the  necessary information of what you would like, colors, feel of brand, important images that might be used to convey the idea and etc.  We will go through a check list for this process at an hourly rate and the project will not start until the checklist has been completed. Once the project starts if there are changes outside of the scope of the agreement and brainstorming session, we will halt the process and start over with brainstorming hourly rates until we get things adjusted, then reactivate the project agreement.

Logo Design

Bring your brand to life from draft to full-color design.

Includes:  Branding Brainstorm to create baseline color scheme, attitude of your brand and your preferences;  6 mock-up drafts; 3 adjustments from the initial six mocks and Final logo, Instagram/Facebook profile picture digital stamp, Color Specifics, Type Specifics, and Logo Variants.

Your Brand Logo  will be provided in multiple digital formats for you to use at will in all brand applications and platforms. Plus 500 Free Business Cards!

Price: Based on Budget and type of Business


Graphics and Merch Design

Pricing for these categories will be quoted based on project detail and agreement.

Mason Construction Co. Loveland Ohio

Mason Construction Co. Loveland, Ohio


Arrow Root Equine and Equestrian Physical Therapy Logo 

Arrow Root PT

 Boutique Jewelry Line Logo

Chrome Steda Handcrafted Jewelry Logo


Uncle Kracker Logo revamp and Monogram 


Uncle Kracker Monogram 2019

Uncle Kracker Stacked Logo 2019

Fire Girl Lifestyle Brand logo

Fire Girl Logo 2020

Logo for BBQ Restaurant with the Owners Image in the Design
Bad Brad's BBQ Logo 2017 Version



 Facial Aesthetics Company Logo

Jeunesse by Jess Logo 2019

Local Charity Organization Logo

Mount Clemens Goodfellows Logo

 Steve's Grilled Cheese™ Logo for a grilled cheese food truck

Logo For Jewelry Manufacturer 
HL MFG LOgo 2012
Logo Imagery for Intuitive Healer
Uncle Kracker Single Artwork and Merch Designs
Uncle Kracker Single Art Floatin'
Uncle Kracker Floatin' Single Alt Version 3
Uncle Kracker Floatin Alt Version 3
Uncle Kracker Merch Mock 1
Uncle Kracker Merch Mock 2
Uncle Kracker Merch Mock 3
Uncle Kracker Merch Mock 4
Uncle Kracker Merch Mock 5
Uncle Kracker Merch Mock 6
Merch Booth Design collab with John Rios utilizing Single Artwork
Uncle Kracker Merch Booth Design