Merchandise / Product Development

Rich Wright Unlimited's strongest assets is in merchandise and product development, whether it is a basic t-shirt or high end designer jewelry; I can help you create it!

Brainstorming Sessions for Product Development

Brainstorming sessions will cover all of the  necessary information of what you would like, colors, feel of brand, important images that might be used to convey the idea and etc.  We will go through a check list for this process at an hourly rate and the project will not start until the checklist has been completed. Once the project starts if there are changes outside of the scope of the agreement and brainstorming session, we will halt the process and start over with brainstorming hourly rates until we get things adjusted, then reactivate the project agreement.

Rich Wright Jewelry

Rich Wright Jewelry 2
Rich Wright Jewelry 3
Rich Wright Jewelry 4
Rich Wright Jewelry 5
Purveyor of Love Yoga
Purveyor of Love Yoga 2
Purveyor of Love Tee
Purveyor of Love Backpack
Purveyor of Love Girl Tee
Purveyor of Love Tee and Cap